Lavalle Racing’s All Brotherly Love…Unless A Checkered Flag Is Involved

Story By: JIM CLARKE / LAVALLE RACING – PETERBOROUGH, ONT – Whether its at the local, hometown level or on the national stage of the sport, there has always been a strong family connection on the motorsports scene. At Peterborough Speedway, you only need to look as far as the driver rosters to find the name ‘Lavalle’

Brad Lavalle and his brother Christen compete in the Battlefield Equipment Rental Bone Stock division, in the No. 6 and No. 06 cars respectively. Another brother – John – is the driver of the No. 6 machine in the Jiffy Lube Mini Stock ranks. At the start of the 2022, all 3 cars in the Lavalle Racing stable were repainted in a similar style, although with different colours. Brad Lavalle says the goal of the redesign was to give the team a more uniformed look that would be easily recognised by the fans.

“The cars are primarily black, just like they’ve been for most of my career. We’ve just added a splash of colour to make them stand out a little bit more,” Brad Lavalle explained. “Mine has red on the bottom, the roof and rear spoiler. Christen has gold in the same areas, while John’s car has some green accents. Sponsors on each one are the same, with the markings in the identical spots.”

While he is one of the top runners in the Bone Stock division this year, Brad Lavalle’s Peterborough Speedway experience has also seen him run with the Mini Stock, Super Stock and Renegade Truck fields throughout his career. The Lavalle Brothers commitment to the sport of weekly racing follows in the footsteps of their father Mark, who was a competitor at several different tracks through his own time behind the wheel. After hanging-up his helmet and firesuit he stayed close to the sport and now works as part of the speedway’s clean-up crew.

During the course of their multiple seasons at the track, Brad, Christen and John Lavalle have received sponsorship support from several different area businesses and friends. For the 2022 schedule at Peterborough Speedway, all 3 cars in the fleet are branded with backing from Dan’s Appliance Repair, Mr. Transmission – Peterborough, Norwood Auto Wreckers, Hamilton Radiator and Kingsway Auto Centre. As much as the brothers are willing to help each other out behind the scenes, everything changes when there is a race win on the line.

“I’m pretty sure that I can speak for both Christen and John when I say that its every man for himself when we’re headed for the main event checkered flag.”

Friends and fans can catch the Lavalle Brothers in action Saturday nights during the 2022 season at Peterborough Speedway.

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