Mike Bruce Ends Small Block Super Championship Series With Another Win At Evans Mills

Story By: SMALL BLOCK SUPER CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – EVANS MILLS, NY – Mike Bruce marched to yet another victory on Saturday evening at Evans Mills Raceway Park to conclude the 2022 Jake’s Automotive Small Block Super Championship Series.

The win was the third of the year for Bruce and was worth $1,000 thanks to presenting sponsors MARDON and Route 37 Building Supply.

Bruce started the 35-lap ‘Fall Brawl’ from the eighth position and eventually worked his way around early race leader Greg O’Connor to claim the win. The victory was the third consecutive for Bruce and his first driving the Gunther Racing No. 22.

A total of 18 Small Block Supers made the trip north to conclude the SBSCS tour with Drew Pascuzzi and Jude Parker starting on the front row. An early issue for Parker relegated him to the rear of the field after the initial green flag with O’Connor then able to grab the top spot after starting third.

O’Connor paced the majority of the event before Bruce was able to take the lead in the No. 22 with only six laps remaining. Just as that occurred, contact between O’Connor and Griffin Miller also collected the Tony DeStevens No. 24, knocking all three from a chance at the win. Miller and DeStevens were done for the day, while O’Connor was able to rejoin, eventually finishing in the ninth position.

The late caution allowed for a torrid top five battle in the late stages between Bruce, Brad Haynes, Tim Proud, Cameron Rowe and Dan Kapuscinski. At the end of the six lap run to the checkered flag, Bruce was able to handily keep the lead over Haynes, Kapuscinski, Proud and Rowe.

Jordan Sullivan took sixth to earn the $100 Dan Kapuscinski Motorsports Promotions Rookie of the Race bonus with DJ Shuman, Parker, O’Connor and Pascuzzi filling the top ten positions.

Bruce Construction qualifying heats were won by Bruce, Rowe and O’Connor.

The Bill Moyer Memorial Bonus of $100 also went to O’Connor with the No. 90 team also laying claim to one of the Dan Kapuscinski Motorsports Promotions Support Bonuses of $185.

The other DKMP Support Award of $185 went to the Parker No. 00.

A third support bonus was also awarded in memory of Bill Moyer with $100 going to the Ratcliff Racing No. 72, driven by Pascuzzi.

The Evans Mills Raceway Park Fall Brawl marked the fourth and final event of the season for the Jake’s Automotive SBSCS, with the Flack Racing No. 23 earning the season ending owner’s championship, worth $1,000. The team will also be awarded with a free wrap from the Race Wrap Group.

The G.O. Racing No. 90, driven by Greg O’Connor, came home second in the standings followed by the Ratcliff Racing No. 72 of Drew Pascuzzi, the Proud Motorsports No. 54 of Tim Proud and the G.O. Racing No. 00 of Jude Parker.

Pascuzzi would also go on to claim the $500 Dan Kapuscinski Motorsports Promotions Rookie of the Year title by a mere 14-points over Parker.

All season ending awards will be presented at the Oswego Speedway Hall of Fame Championship Banquet on Saturday, October 1 at Bayshore Grove. Contact Oswego Speedway for tickets.

To learn more contact series promoter Dan Kapuscinski at (315) 708-7544 or email dkapuscinski00@gmail.com.

SBSCS Partners: Jake’s Automotive, J&S Paving, Binghamton Truck & Tire Center, Dan Kapuscinski Motorsports Promotions, UltimateQM.com, Larkin Mowing, Rt. 37 Building Supply, MARDON, Bruce Construction, Race Wrap Group, Bill Moyer Memorial, GTR Promotions

Small Block Super Championship Series
Evans Mills Raceway Park – Evans Mills, NY
Box Score

Heat #1 (10-laps, Top 3 re-draw): 1. 22 – Mike Bruce, 2. 66 – Darrick Hilton, 3. 73 – Noah Ratcliff, 4. 9 – Griffin Miller, 5. 61 – Hunter Lawton, 6. 88 – Brad Haynes

Heat #2 (10-laps, Top 3 re-draw): 1. 77 – Cameron Rowe, 2. 00 – Jude Parker, 3. 24 – Tony DeStevens, 4. 62 – DJ Shuman, 5. 35 – AJ Larkin, 6. 93 – Jake Brown

Heat #3 (10-laps, Top 3 re-draw): 1. 90 – Greg O’Connor, 2. 72 – Drew Pascuzzi, 3. 10 – Mike Fowler, 4. 54 – Tim Proud, 5. 27 – Jordan Sullivan, 6. 23 – Dan Kapuscinski

Feature (35-laps): 1. 22 – MIKE BRUCE, 2. 88 – Brad Haynes, 3. 23 – Dan Kapuscinski, 4. 54 – Tim Proud, 5. 77 – Cameron Rowe, 6. 27 – Jordan Sullivan, 7. 62 – DJ Shuman, 8. 00 – Jude Parker, 9. 90 – Greg O’Connor, 10. 72 – Drew Pascuzzi, 11. 61 – Hunter Lawton, 12. 66 – Darrick Hilton, 13. 73 – Noah Ratcliff, 14. 93 – Jake Brown, 15. 9 – Griffin Miller, 16. 24 – Tony DeStevens, 17. 10 – Mike Fowler, 18. 35 – AJ Larkin

DKMP Rookie of the Race: Jordan Sullivan ($100)
Bill Moyer Memorial 9th Place Bonus: Greg O’Connor ($100)
DKMP Support Bonus: G.O. Racing No. 90 ($185)
DKMP Support Bonus: G.O. Racing No. 00 ($185)
Bill Moyer Memorial Support Bonus: Ratcliff Racing No. 72 ($100)

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