Garrett Zacharias Goes Back-To-Back In New York Super Stock Competition At Oswego

Story By: NEW YORK SUPER STOCKS  – OSWEGO, NY – The New York Super Stocks returned to the Steel Palace Oswego Speedway for a 35 lap feature event.

A stout field of 22 cars would set the field of three qualifying events. Unfortunately during open practice the motor of Brando Oltra would expire and make it not possible for the “purple whip” to compete for the balance of the night.

The first qualifier was led by the pole sitter Terry Cheetum for the first 5 laps before being taken over by Josh Hunter in the 09. The 48X of Jake Christman, second place point contender, battled through the field to finish third behind Josh Hunter and Terry Cheetum.

The second qualifier saw Billy Coyle in the 94 as the pole sitter lead the race from flag to flag. Willis motorsports had veteran driver Mike Hyman in their machine bring home a second place finish in the heat. This heat also saw a returning driver for the first time this year Jason “its all his fault” Dinzler got out to log some laps in preparation for the Dave London Memorial on Classic weekend.

The third and final qualifier would see current point leader Garrett Zacharias on the outside pole with the 51 of Barrett Schenk in the pole position. Garrett would jump to the early lead and dominate the qualifying event. Current third place points driver Flyin’ Brian Hallett would drive to a commanding second place finish. Brian DeMark in his newly purchased ride would show a solid performance picking up the third position getting the final redraw position.

The top 9 cars would redraw for the feature seeing Flyin’ Brian in the 36 pull the pole position and “lucky fingers” Garrett Zacharias pulling the outside pole position. The first attempt at the start would see the 94 of Billy Coyle get loose coming into turn 3 and back it into the foam blocks setting up a complete restart.

The restart would see the 71 of Zacharias immediately jump out to lead the first lap. Flyin’ Brian would continue to chase down the leader. The first caution would come on lap 12 seeing contact between the 17 of Seth Zacharias and 74 of Paul Godby in turn 1, both cars were able to go pit side and continue.

DeMark in the 20 would be able to move up 5 positions to restart fourth. The 09 of Josh Hunter would make a power move on the restart to pull inside the 36 of Hallett, the two would battle side by side for a half dozen laps before the 09 would clear Hallett for the second position.

The next caution free 20 laps would see some unbelievable battles through the top 10 between Hunter, Demark, Gustafson, Christman, and Peckham. Seth Zacharias would be battling his way back towards the front from his lap 12 mishap during the long green flag run. The next caution would fly on lap 32 for a mechanical failure on the 11 of Terry Cheetum.

The field would reset and get one lap complete before a single car spin would reset the field for the final restart with two to go. Zacharias would once again take a commanding lead followed by Hunter. The Battle for third between DeMark and Christman would be the race to watch for the closing two laps showing Christman stealing the third finishing position.

The Big Time Service hard charger of the race was the 51 of Barrett Schenk. Barrett advanced 13 positions during the race from his shot gun starting position. Congrats to Barrett and his team and thanks to Big Time Service for their presentation of the 150 dollar bonus and Hard Charger plaque.

The series would like to thank all of the drivers, fans and officials for their team work and dedication to the show. Thanks to Signworks Fleet Graphics for their contribution to the purse. The next event will be the US Open at Lancaster Speedway on September 10.

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New York Super Stock 35
Saturday, August 6, 2022
Oswego Speedway
Oswego, NY

Feature (35-laps): 1. 71 GARRETT ZACHARIAS, 2. 09 Josh Hunter, 3. 48X Jacob Christman, 4. 20 Ryan DeMark, 5. 36 Brian Hallett, 6. 5 Jacob Gustafson, 7. 17Z Seth Zacharias, 8. 90 Nate Peckham, 9. 51 Barret Schenk, 10. 13 Jason Duke Sr, 11. 33 Dave Newman, 12. 37 Jason Dinzler, 13. 99 Tim Faro, 14. 18 Jason Duke Jr, 15. 93 Andy Cocilova, 16. 11 Terry Cheetham, 17. 46 Cole Hicks, 18. 74 Paul Godby, 19. 75 Mike Hyman, 20. 94 Billy Coyle, 21. 77 Bobby Newman

Heat 1 (8-laps) 1. 09 Josh Hunter, 2. 11 Terry Cheetham, 3. 48X Jacob Christman, 4. 13 Jason Duke Sr, 5. 99 Tim Faro, 6. 77 Bobby Newman, 7. 93 Andy Cocilova

Heat 2 (8-laps): 1. 94 Billy Coyle, 2. 75 Mike Hyman, 3. 74 Paul Godby, 4. 90 Nate Peckham, 5. 33 Dave Newman, 6. 37 Jason Dinzler, 7. 18 Jason Duke Jr.

Heat 3 (8-laps): 1. 71 Garrett Zacharias, 2. 36 Brian Hallett, 3. 20 Ryan DeMark, 4. 5 Jacob Gustafson, 5. 17Z Seth Zacharias, 6. 46 Cole Hicks, 7. 51 Barrett Schenk

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