RPW Column: Fran Siana: A Stafford Motor Speedway Dark Horse Who Wins

Column By: DOMINIC KONARESKI / RPW – ENFIELD, CT – Fran Siana has raced at the Stafford Motor Speedway since 2002 and has a combined 11 years of racing at the historic track.

In those 11 years, with 112 starts between the Street Stock (formally DARE Stock) and the SK Modified division, Fran has accumulated a total of 20 top 5s (17.9% T5 rate) and 32 top 10s (28.6% T10 rate.)

Siana has seen most of his success from his ongoing racing career in the Street Stock division as he has a total of 63 starts in that division, winning three times.  His last start came in 2019 where he finished inside the top 10.

The veteran racer has had a good amount of success at the  Stafford Springs, CT oval.  In a recent interview he did with me for my YouTube sports podcast, the New York Sports Show, Siana stated that he hopes to one day go back and finish his career in the stocks’ and hopefully win a championship.

I believe that he can.

Looking at the numbers overall, you can say he is a “dark horse” or an “underdog.” Yes, that may be true, but you can also say that he may be one of the best to ever race at Stafford who hasn’t won a title.

In one Street Stock race, Fran started 16th and finished second in what was a 15 lap feature.  He passed on average, one car per lap. I also want to add, in this regard, he’s won the Fall Final.  That’s something that drivers spend their whole careers trying to accomplish.  Siana did it in what was only his second full-time season.

Fran Siana has not completed a full season in the Street Stocks since 2005. If he decides to go back for an all-out assault on the full-fender division, competing in a full points-paying schedule, look out.  He’ll have a chance for a top 5 finish 42% of the time he starts his engine and a top 10 33% when the green flag drops.

Now, you can say that’s an “if” and yes, in a way it is.  However, if you follow the math, and put it on previous drivers, anyone else or team in the sports world, the numbers line up.

Fran Siana is a driver of great talent who started his racing career late.  Even with that, I truly believe that he will do it and be back to winning style in the future.

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