Brian Smith Takes Slingshot Main Friday At Allentown; Champ Kart Feature To Mike Perry

Story By: LEN SAMMONS PRODUCTIONS – ALLENTOWN, PA – Friday’s events were the first of two nights of Ironton Global Allentown Indoor Race action and Brian Smith captured the Slingshot feature with Mike Perry taking the Champ Kart main.

Both classes ran a 20-lap feature. Each return Saturday night to run another main event along with TQ Midgets for a 40-lap A-Main.

The Slingshot affair was taken by Brian Smith. Smith was destined for a third place finish when leaders Brett Bieber and Louden Reimert collided with two laps to go.

Smith took over and ran out the final laps to win. Bieber, the leader, spun and Reimert was penalized by track officials, though he elected to pull off the track rather than restart at the back of the pack.

“I could see that something was going to happen between the two leaders and I just hoped could miss it if they did get together,” Smith said. “It was close but I got through.”

New Englander Mike Perry, who has been an entrant in Indoor Auto Racing Series Kart racing events for over a decade, won the Champ Kart feature. like Smith, Perry was a first time Indoor winner.

To do it, Perry, who started up front, fought off challengers Dom Roselli, Jr., Missy Bootes, and Chase Keister in the middle stages of the race but it was Tyler Brown who raced by all of them to chase Perry to the finish.

“I haven’t been racing all that much the last few years, but always like to run these Indoor events,” said Perry. “Ten years I have been trying to win one of these things and tonight we got one.”

Slingshot Feature Results (20 Laps) – 1. Brian Smith, 2. Scott Neary, 3. Cody Kline, 4. Matt Mertz, 5. Mark Mohr, 6. Michael Lapicki, 7. John Redner, 8. Brett Putnam, 9. Alex Reinsmith, 10. Austin Kroboth, 11. Tyler Ulsh, 12. Justin House, 13. Nolan Layser, 14. Lucas Pittenger, 15. Brett Bieber, 16. Louden Reimert, 17. Cody Bleau 18. Chris Darrow, 19. Morgan Rochelle-Bealer, 20. Charlene Benz

Champ Kart Feature Results (20 Laps) – 1. Mike Perry, 2. Tyler Brown, 3. TJ Reed, 4. Chase Keister, 5. Missy Bootes, 6. Brandon Rusczek, 7. Alex Smolders, 8. Dominick Roselli, 9. Dan Kapuscinski, 10. Todd Crenshaw, 11. Preston DeMello, 12. Ryan Borges, 13. Tyler Catalano, 14. Chris Daley, 15. Jon Keister, 16. Stephen Beattie, 17. James Stutts, 18. Seth Whitney, 19. Max Pfeifer, 20. Chris Natoli

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