Statement By Bartlett Team Following DQ From Win In Indoor Auto Racing Finale

Story By: BARTLETT RACING – WATERTOWN, NY – The following is a statement from Ryan Bartlett and his team following Monday’s announcement that a tire from his TQ Midget did not meet specifications after his victory in the Indoor Auto Racing Championship Finale in Syracuse, NY.

One thing I know for certain is that we won the biggest race of our career on that Saturday night in Syracuse and passed all the tech there was that night and we confidently believe Friday night wasn’t any different. They will never be able to take away the pictures and memories that were made that weekend! Thank you to all of our family friends and fans. Your support means the world to us!!

This statement is in regards to the information of myself, family and team hearing the news about one of our tires not meeting the benchmark standards in lab testing.

When I first received the phone call the team and myself were completely dumbfounded on the situation. We openly deny the use of any chemicals to alter our race program to gain any sort of unfair advantage. We can’t understand how this could have happened. We have retained a lawyer and are pursuing legal action to fight the situation because we feel this isn’t right.

Saturday nights winning tires passed with no issue at all and we have passed several other previous tire tests in past events with the series. We fully understand the consequences upon doing anything to alter the tires and have always stood by our morals and reputation and have supported the series in having the tests completed.

This particular tire in question was purchased new in Atlantic City this January from the Hoosier truck after the races were over on Saturday night. It was apparently new old stock with a date code of 2020 because the series was idle due to Covid. So we also don’t know how the tire was stored during that long period of time. Upon purchase it sat inside our shop with all the other tires and wasn’t mounted until the Wednesday before Syracuse and was not altered in any way besides grinding it at the track the same we we have for any other tire at any other event.

This has caused myself and others to be mentally physically and emotionally tore up about this and worst of all attacked our character and morals in the motorsports world.

Sincerely Confused,
Ryan Bartlett

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