Flamboro Speedway Is Full Steam Ahead For 2022 Racing Campaign

Story By: ASHLEY MCCUBBIN / FLAMBORO SPEEDWAY – MILLGROVE, ONT – After a successful 2021 season filled with great racing from May through October, Flamboro Speedway officials could not be more excited for what’s to come. After all, the 2022 campaign will mark the track’s 50th anniversary.

Behind the scenes, the group is bonding together to formulate a schedule that will see action from top to bottom, whether you’re coming out at the beginning of the year in May, or enjoying the track in the fall in October. Of course, the highlights will include Frostoberfest, the APC Auto Parts United Late Model Series, Qwick Wick Super Stock Series, OSCAAR, and more.

The main focus on the schedule will be the track’s core home track divisions, as has always been in the past. The Pro Late Models, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, and Pure Stocks will all be part of the action in 2022, with each taking center stage in their own way. The Canadian Vintage Modifieds will also continue to make Flamboro their home as they have over the past couple of seasons, ready to experience more growth.

Registration for the 2022 campaign has already opened up, with $100 for the full season getting you into the points fund at the end of the year. You can also pay an additional $100 to secure a pit pad for the campaign, too. All information, including registration forms, is on the website. Those forms can be mailed in, with or without payment, as they will be accepting money for registration up until opening night.

For those who are totally not committed to a full year, that’s okay. As has always been the case, Flamboro Speedway accepts people showing up to race whenever you want, allowing you to start where you pull and payouts spread throughout the field. Just pay your pit entry and away you go for the night.

For those interested in the complete schedule, it is set to be released in the new year.

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